Carpano Antica Formula

Carpano is an aperitif and is the perfect way to start a meal. Either on it's own or with your appetizer, it stimulates the appetite and will make a good meal great.

Carpano Antica Formula is made from the Carpano Distillery's "ancient formula" for (red) sweet vermouth. Carpano Antica Formula is sought after because of its heritage, packaging and refined taste. It is distinguished from other sweet vermouths by its hint of vanilla flavor and aroma. The authentic nature of this vermouth is enhanced by using copies of the original 18th Century label and bottle, with the traditional cork and red seal.



Green Chartreuse is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour.  It is powerful and unique.  Only two Chartreuse monks know the identity of the 130 plants, how to blend them and how to distill them into this world famous liqueur. They are also the only ones who know which plants they have to macerate to produce the natural green and yellow colours. And they alone supervise the slow ageing in oak casks.

Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Beverages

Crafted from five generations of family experience, Fentimans beverages are botanically brewed and contain all the flavour and goodness from the finest natural ingredients. This results in an invigorating and full-flavoured taste that sets Fentimans apart.



 Alecia's Specialty Foods - Tomato and Peach Chutneys

The variety of ways Alecias Tomato Chutney can be served is endless. For instance, it's a wonderful condiment for grilled chicken, tuna and pork. Use it on your favorite hamburger instead of catsup, add to your favorite baked bean recipe, add it to your tuna or chicken salad. It's amazing on a roasted turkey sandwich. It also is wonderful with peas and rice, cream cheese and crackers, scrambled eggs and on sausage biscuits. The possibilities are endless.




Felsina Olive Oils

Felsina is not only a wine estate, but a traditional Tuscan farm, or fattoria, as well; thus, throughout its history, it has always exercised, in an integrated fashion, various agricultural activities.  The most important of these, on a par with winemaking, is olive oil production. Enjoy with individual varietal serving suggestions, with good bread from a wood-fired oven, or alone in a small, round-bowled glass to appreciate the color, clarity, intensity and lingering flavors.  These olive oils are suitable for long-term storage if kept at constant temperature away from light and heat sources.


Craft Spirits

Aha Yeto Tequila


Bib & Tucker Bourbon*


Corsair Distillery

Cruz de Fuego Mezcal


Kirk & Sweeney Rum*

Masterson’s Whiskey*

Medley Brothers Straight Bourbon*

Pigs Nose Scotch

Ransom Emerald Irish Whiskey

Ransom Old Tom Gin

Sheep Dip Scotch

Small’s American Dry Gin

The Exchange Vodka

Trianon Tequila

Uncle Val’s Gin*

Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon*

Whipper Snapper Bourbon


*Also Mississippi


Non-Alc. / Merchandise

Alecia’s Chutneys





Felsina Olive Oils


Poggio Tesoro Olive Oil

Taste of Florida






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